Journal Article  (2012)
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Page  15

Development and use of floristic quality index for coastal Louisiana marshes

Jenneke M Visser, Kari F Cretini

Report  (2016)
USGS Open-File Report , Volume 2016-1037 Pages  1-32

Processing of multichannel seismic reflection data acquired in 2013 for seismic investigations of gas hydrates in the Gulf of Mexico

John J Miller, Patrick E Hart, Seth S Haines, Warren F Agena

Journal Article  (2016)
Estuarine, Costal and Shelf Science , Volume 169 Pages  248-264

Impact of Deepwater Horizon spill on food supply to deep-sea benthos communites

Amanda W J Demopoulos, Gérard C A Duineveld, Nancy G Prouty, Pamela L Campbell, Sandra D Brooke, Steve W Ross

Journal Article  (2015)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans , Volume 120 Pages  8364-8380

Natural and unnatural oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico

Andrew R Solow, Deborah P French-McCay, Fred W Huffer, Gregg A Swayze

Journal Article  (2016)
Biological Conservation , Volume 194 Pages  158-167

Migratory corridors of adult female Kemp's ridley turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

Autumn R Sartain-Iverson, Donna J Shaver, Hector J Martinez, Kristen M Hart, Patrick M Burchfield

Journal Article  (2015)
Animal Biotelemetry , Volume 3 Page  1

Home range and habitat use of juvenile green turtles (Chelonia mynas) in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Brasil S Stephens, Margaret M Lamont

Journal Article  (2015)
Biogeosciences , Volume 12

Lunar periodicity in the shell flux of planktonic foraminifera in the Gulf of Mexico

Caitlin E Reynolds, Ian R Hall, Julie N Richey

Report  (2015)
USGS Open-File Report Page  19

Near-Surface Stratigraphy and Morphology, Mississippi Inner Shelf, Northern Gulf of Mexico

James G Flocks, Julie C Bernier, Kyle W Kelso, Nancy T DeWitt

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